Kyndling is my vehicle for building products from problems I face in my day-to-day.

It is an amalgamation of my journey as a CFO in tech startups, and my attempts at building software solutions - I’ve been working with SaaS companies for than a decade - this is me, Jake.

You’ll get insights on problems I have solved, and also learn about software that I’ve either attempted to build, or actually launched during my free time - my first launch is cellLoop, video comments for Excel.

<aside> 🔥 The name Kyndling comes from Kindling - material used to start a fire. This embodies what Kyndling is, it enables anyone or anything.


Things I learn, research & question…

Startup CFO Notes

I’ve gone through a long journey, like most, from trainee accountant to CFO.

Whilst a lot of experience will come from trying and (definitely) failing, hopefully some of my experiences will help those on this path.

Customer Analysis

Despite all the blogs and tools out there, there is still a lot not understood about customer portfolios, particularly customer cohorts and how to analyse them - come with me on my journey of uncovering the mysteries of customer portfolios.

Things I build

chatSheets (Launching soon)

A data cleansing tool that uses chatGPT

cellLoop (Available in Excel Marketplace)

A video commenting tool for spreadsheets that enables asynchronous working.

HyperForecasting (Not Launched)

A mathematical API that can help you shortcut complicated modelling in your application.

Essentially Excel as an API.